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Exciting news on the use of the ecological footprint

The ecological footprint calculation which we use in Sustainable Communities derives from the world-wide Global Footprint Network. The global network applies scientific data to construct the footprint calculations. The President of the Global Footprint Network reported in July that this past year has been one of the most exciting in Global Footprint Network’s history. Seven… Read more


Useful links Adelaide Sustainability Centre Ideas for living more sustainably, covering recycling, transport, food, nature play, pet and pest management, water and garden. Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges Find out how to make your backyard a wildlife wonderland, attracting birds, lizards or butterflies. Learn about building a raingarden, native plants, native animals, and pests…. Read more

Mitcham Voices of the Village – Sustainable Communities Fair

by Beth Walton More than 1000 people enjoyed the Voices of the Village – Sustainable Communities Fair held at the Mitcham Cultural Village on 21 October 2012. The free event was a partnership between Council and the three Sustainable Communities groups in the Mitcham Council area. Professor Chris Daniels, from UniSA and Presiding Member of… Read more

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