Divestment Day Adelaide

By Eleanor Evans

DSCN1150Divestment Day in Adelaide was great fun.  Approximately 60 people gathered outside the Beehive Corner to hear several speakers including Craig Wilkins (Conservation Council) and Hubertus Jersmann (Royal Adelaide Hospital consultant) talk about the importance of voting with your money and divesting away from fossil fuels and in turn investing in renewable energy.  One resource you could use to make your decision would be www.marketforces.org.au which is what helped me make my decision last year.  The final performance was delivered by a group from The Wilderness Society who performed Tina Turner’s international smash hit, re-named, ‘Simply Divest’.  Loved it!


Below is a funny video with a Valentine Day’s spin on the divestment movement.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tn4KOf8HMOg?rel=0]
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