Health impacts of climate change

Written by Eleanor Evans

President Obama’s recent discussion about the health impacts of climate change is a timely reminder of the consequences of untreated climate change.  Going back to the basics it includes a reduction in both the quantity and quality of food as farmers find growing conditions more challenging, increased risk of cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological disease either from climate change or the drivers of climate change such as the burning of coal, and finally, the mental health consequences of either surviving an extreme weather event or the disabling anticipation of potentially doing so.

As advertised in the newsletter previously, I am happy to deliver talks on this subject.  My first presentation to Sustainable Strathalbyn went well (some ‘Doom and Gloom’ interspersed with ‘Cheer Up’ medicine and ‘Do-Able’ solutions to finish).  The feedback on the night was overwhelmingly positive and the follow up email to ensure audience members could check some of the resources I recommended proved to me that doctors have a role to play in shifting the discussion on climate change and the need for urgent action.  Please email me  for further information.  PS No group is too small.

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