Marching for Climate Change Action

by Eleanor Evans
There have been times over the last few years as I’ve worked on climate change and other issues that are a function of us culturally, politically and economically not recognising our limits, that I have felt completely defeated.  I think any of us working on this challenging stuff would be fibbing if they denied feeling this way at times.
10363116_671978202910352_28458711199665875_nThen there are times when I feel so completely uplifted and overwhelmed with feelings of joy I am just not sure what to say or do.  Adelaide’s contribution to the global marches pushing for urgent climate action was ‘small but beautiful’.  To know that I was one of 675,000 people around the world standing up for the rights of the children we love now and the ones we hope are brought into this world, has given me such a lift.

Addressing climate change is not over but I felt for one moment that we really had everyone’s attention.  The numbers involved are large but perhaps this brilliant young mother’s poem will bring to life how I have felt every day this week.

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