Meeting people in our community

by Beth Mylius

During 2013 in Our Urban Village there have been several events where people come out to meet their neighbours. It is clear that people are keen to meet people in their neighbourhood but have not found the opportunity.

In Felixstow at the linear park more than 50 people gathered and in College Park the Torrens Street Flea Market people came out to meet their neighbours. The Spring Fling in Royston Park had over 30 people all keen to meet others in their community. And on the first Sunday of every month people come to Essential Edibles to Swap and Share as well as to meet and chat.

With this desire to meet people in the community and get to know the neighbours Our Urban Village will have an end of the year Christmas Gathering in the Joslin Reserve. On Saturday 30 November 2013 from 4pm to 5.30pm people can come with food and drink to share and time to spend with people in Our Urban Village.

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