Orange Morning Tea: Another Community Building Story

by Jane Oliver

This was the invitation which I dropped off in local neighbours’ letterboxes and a few in person. After the number reached 26, I stopped. I picked some oranges in readiness for those unable to pick their own. One neighbour brought some grapefruits to swap. Many did reply, but others did turn up.

With hot water, coffee in a thermos, tea, orange cake, orange quarters, sugar, spoons and milk at the ready on the verandah, 24 people turned up with lots of smiles, chat, their own cups, laughter and self introductions. 2 young children helped to pick oranges and one gentleman was heard to ask from in amongst the orange branches, “Are these oranges fresh?” He was joking.

Lovely morning, I wish I’d asked a few more as there was room on the verandah. The rain stayed away for the hour nicely. At the end of an hour people had wandered off home smiling, laden with oranges and grapefruit and their own cup.

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