PASMAG Members Recognized for Volunteer Efforts

The Pasadena And St Marys Action Group (PASMAG) are an enthusiastic group of people who live, work, study or play in Pasadena or St Marys. Founding members wanted to create thriving community connections, and we had a particular interest in ‘greening’ our area.  Since forming, we have had the opportunity to connect with our neighbours to plant verges and recycle plastic. We launched our first major event, a tour of local gardens, culminating in an afternoon tea, plus a plant sale, produce swap and garden-inspired craft.

Reaching out to our community to raise awareness of our goals and recruit volunteers is an ongoing task. In recent months, these opportunities have expanded into new territory, as three of our members have been recognised for their volunteer contributions at several award ceremonies.

Congratulations to PASMAG’s  Barbara Dalton for receiving a Boothby Volunteer Award from Louise Miller-Frost MP, Sudhashree Somers City of Mitcham Young Citizen of the Year and Jody Moate City of Mitcham Active Citizen of the Year, along with a State Commendation for Active Citizenship.

Some of the PASMAG volunteers 

At all award ceremonies, the opportunity to connect with other award recipients and their proud nominators, friends and family was an excellent way for everyone to exchange ideas while celebrating after a very exciting year!  Barbara, Jody and Sudhashree are not done yet though as they work through another exciting ‘to do’ list for 2024 with individual pursuits and a big PASMAG team effort.  The first catch-up for 2024 was an enthusiastic conversation, and we thank members Bob and Sue for their wonderful hospitality as our conversation ran well over time at their home.

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