ShareNSave – New Economy Week – Shareable – ideas for us to strengthen local communities

by Beth Mylius

This week ShareNSave was launched in Campbelltown as reported by Anne Wharton in a recent blog. Have a look at  to find local sharing projects in your neighbourhood.

This excerpt from an article in the Economic Reform Australia Review for a just and sustainable society (November-December 2013) – Nobel Prize? Meet the Economic Movement that really deserves praise by Laura Flanders describes what is happening in the USA in New Economy Week project.


‘This week, the Nobel Prize for economics may have gone to three academics, but the real work of fixing our local economies was happening on the ground – as part of New Economy Week.

Day after day, people all around the country have been showing off their best ideas about stabilizing local businesses and building local democracy. They’re considering what they can do to divest from big banks and fossil fuel, and they’ve marked all their activities on a big online map.’

New Economy Week is a project of the New Economy Institute and the New Economy Coalition, a group that after only a few months, already has 51 members. The organizers’ goal was to map 40 events in one week. Half way through, their map was peppered with 75 events located in 17 states and two Canadian provinces.

New Economy groups are emerging all around the country in response to local conditions: transition towns, sustainable business networks, the cooperative movement, local first (and more).

Bob Massie, President and CEO of the Institute said, ‘People are realizing, from a very high theoretical level to the level of the street, what is being offered to them is insufficient. The system’s broken.’

The online publication Shareable held a sharing cities jam, the kickoff action of a new Sharing Cities Network. Shareable wants local people to collaborate to map all the sharing-inclined businesses and projects in their cities.

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