Make your home more energy efficient – free workshop!

One Planet Market offers a free workshop each month at Payneham Community Centre.
The next one at 10am on Saturday 16 February 2019 will give you the chance to hear from a world expert who lives right here in Adelaide on the topic of The Maths and Science of Sustainable Housing!

Professor John Boland reckons that it is easier for people to implement alterations in a building and how it is operated if they have knowledge of the maths and physics involved in how it performs. So he will talk about the different types of heat transfer – conduction, radiation and convection – and where they apply in the home, vegetation and shading, the urban heat island effect, climate change, and will end with a few good tips to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

Don’t be daunted by ‘maths and science’ because John is a great communicator who can explain clearly the concepts involved. He will also be able to answer your questions.

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