SCSA member awarded patent for water purification device

Charlie Madden is delighted that his invention, the Water Boatman was awarded a patent on 27 September! The Water Boatman utilises a solar distillation method to produce clean water from polluted water or sea water.

Charlie writes:

We have an all plastics thermal still that makes 1080 litres a day of fresh water from polluted water or sea water … We plan to mount this on barges as the ‘Water boatman’ (Patented) powered by a vertical axis water turbine driving a plastics water brake to heat the water. It can be used either in rivers or using the flow of the tides on the coast. The fresh water may be stored in the barge to await collection – or some of the turbine power may be used to pump it ashore.

From China to Kathmandu, Africa to India and of course here in Australia, fresh water is becoming a serious problem. While by using the power from the water the customer will soon be able to earn carbon credits. We are looking for a Chinese company to work with in a Joint Venture to bring Water boatman to market, initially in China & then round the world.

To learn more about Charlie’s invention see and

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