Self sufficient in food – can we do more in 2012?

Todmorden is a market town in England 17 miles from Manchester with a population of 15,000 (2001). The Incredible Edible program began installing fruit and vegetable gardens in public places. Fresh herbs, succulent greens and tasty fruits can be found growing near civic buildings, college campuses, supermarket parking lots in small garden plots, raised garden beds and small strips of land such as verges. They are brimming with fresh produce which is free to anyone who wants it, and at any time. There are over 70 large planting beds on public land growing among other things apricots, apples, strawberries, beans, potatoes, kale, mint, carrots, lettuce and onions.

There is enough produce for those who want it, the community respects the program and does not take advantage of it. One of the initiators of the program, Pam Warhurst noted in the Daily Mail article that rather than the program leading to abuse or other crime it has improved community relations, reduced crime by an incrementally higher amount every single year since it first started.

This public garden program is another way of ensuring our food security. Communities of 15,000 are ideal for our localisation plans too.

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