Affordable gardening kits

A food security crisis is now emerging. Although it is most obvious in poorer countries with high population growth, it is starting to appear in Australia.  The people who are hardest hit are the elderly on pensions and others on low-income. Many struggle to get good food on the table. Without good food, there are health consequences that add to the social isolation that they already feel.


Unley Council has developed a Food Security Strategy, with several Sustainable Communities SA people actively contributing, and has been increasing the number of community gardens and starting to put large numbers of fruit trees in its public parks – two parks so far.

The Unley Council has also given us a grant for affordable gardening kits – targeting those on low income particularly. We aim to distribute 50 kits this spring. Each kit contains four planter boxes, good growing soil and organic seedlings, seeds, organic fertiliser and watering can – all you need to grow some food. We have done a lot of testing to ensure that each grower experiences success.

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