Be meat free for a week

I have been vegetarian for about 5 years now.  Initially I became pescatarian and then vegetarian for environmental reasons. My decision to be fully vegetarian was strengthened by books such as Eating Animals by Jonathon Safron Foer and movies such as Food Inc which discuss the horrible conditions in which animals are kept in factory farms.

Not only is the world populations growing, we are also eating more meat  and Australians currently eat around 190 000 tonnes of meat each year (or 120 kg per person per annum) putting us amongst the biggest meat eaters in the world. Factory farms are seen as the way to meet the increased demand for meat and, sadly, in Australia muchof the meat available in supermarkets is raised in such conditions.

Next week Voiceless is challenging Australians to be meat free for a week. If you can’t manage a whole week they suggest reducing your meat consumption and make sure the meat you eat is ethically sourced. Something for all meat eaters to consider once the week’s challenge is over.

Of course it is difficult to plan meat free meals if you are used to meat being the main component, so they have provided some delicious meat free recipes as well.

So take the pledge and be Meat Free from 18 -24 March. It will be great for your health and the environment.

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated – Mahatma Gandhi

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