Community Group activities

The key to the success of SCSA is the activities of the Community Groups. Every 3 months we ask them to share their stories and ideas. Not only is this a good way to communicate successes and concerns but it also provides ideas and motivation for  other groups and members who are not in a group.

Following is a brief report on some of the key activities … interested to know more…. contact the community group, details can be found on this web page.


August 2012 Quarterly Report summary

McLaren Vale  – are planning to help preserve a members fruit while she is away in India during November to January.  It is a great way of building community.

Payneham – are currently looking for research or articles on what impact the chemicals used in chemotherapy have on the environment. This question was raised by a friend of a member undergoing chemo treatment who lives on a property with a non flush toilet and its own water supply, creeks etc. Also wanted to share

Unley (Parkside) – Strong food focus including progressing liaison with and submissions to Council for portable garden boxes for residents and establishment of community orchards, also encouraging sharing surplus garden produce at meeting.

Unley (Central) – Several members attended and helped with the Council-led planting of an Urban Orchard at Morrie Harrell Reserve, Unley.  Approx 60 fruit trees have been planted.

Both Unley groups are working together on a grant application to Unley Council for Affordable Gardening kits aimed primarily at low income households.

Mitcham Plains – working towards a big event, the Sustainable Community Fair on 21 October 2012. They are also seeking volunteers to help, so if you can help please contact the group.

Joslin – Essential Edibles continues and they have also begun a book and magazine sharing system.  Kate keeps the ‘book’ on this and the reading matter is to be on things sustainable / environmental.

Royston Park/MardenOur Urban Village is one of the bigger projects they are working on and has prompted them to identify the centre of a 1km square neighbourhood and suggest a 20-minute walk with a rest in Buik Crescent Reserve. Also using the dart game  has helped us identify transport and sustainable economics as the two topics we will pursue in our meetings.

Strathalbyn – Waste was this month’s theme. The General Manager of the local council engineering department addressed the group to talk about waste management issues in the local council area.

College Park Hackney – Also a strong focus on Waste. This included wanting to share the paper developed by the group called No such thing as waste.  They continue to collect and sort various caps and lids for recycling… the ones that usually slip through the system.

If you would like any more information on any of the activities please contact the facilitator of the group.

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