Controls on homemade food in the US – we need to be aware!

In an article from the USA by Brie Mazurek called Getting homemade foods off the black market it states:

There’s no doubt a homemade food renaissance has taken root. All around the country, home picklers, jammers, and bakers have been looking for ways to transform hobby food production into small artisan businesses. In many states, however, selling food you’ve made in your home is against the law. In California, for instance, it’s currently a misdemeanor for home artisans to sell their goodies in the open marketplace.

But due to a campaign launched by the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC), the laws might change this year.

We need to be aware of such regulations and changes that could happen to affect our home food production. Another change that will affect our home food production is that Yates Seeds have been bought by Monsanto!

Reliable seed can be bought from Eden Seeds and their subsidiary Select Organic or Diggers Seeds which are available from the Botanic Garden Shop.

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