Essential Edibles December 2010

Essential Edibles 5 December 2010 was held at Joslin Reserve on a warm overcast Sunday morning under the purple shade of a jacaranda tree. About 20 people attended bringing a variety of garden produce including lemons, eggs, tomato and amaranth seedlings, rainbow chard, silver beet,  salad greens,  Warragul greens, oregano, dill, pickled olives, apricot and plum jam.

Steven Marshall, Sustainable Communities SA member and local Member of Parliament, was there, as was Sophia MacRae, newly elected NPSP councillor for Maylands Trinity Ward. The purpose of the occasion is to meet neighbours and share garden produce – and you don’t have to bring something in order to take something away! Special treats were delicious fruit mince pies made by Kate, still warm from the oven, and music provided by Sophia on clarinet. Next Essential Edibles will be held on Sunday 6 February 2011.

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