Felixstow Grow Cart

Felixstow Grow Cart

The Felixstow Grow Cart (Shirley Avenue, Felixstow) was made following a suggestion by Monica (One Planet Market co-ordinator) for the need to have alternative means of sharing with, and supporting our community, while our usual market outlets are suspended.

It has been a community effort, made almost entirely from recycled materials.  Our local Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator, who is building a house down the street, allowed us to scavenge in the skip bin. The cart is principally made from a one use pallet that was pulled apart and reconstructed as the body, interior shelf and support for the sides and roof.  Main support on the fence comes from some discarded construction timber from the same bin, plus some pallet parts.  The sides and roof made use of old corflute election posters provided by a LETS member.  They were stapled to the supports.  In the interests of remaining apolitical, the printing ink was softened using methylated spirits and rubbed off.  The paint was donated by a neighbour from some that was left in the shed by a previous owner.  The only new parts for it were a couple of bolts to fasten it to the fence, nails and staples!  Labour and construction expertise was provided by Trevor (the co-owner).

The cart stands approximately 900 mm high (from the fence) by 700 mm long by 500 mm deep, with the size chosen to allow the use of a polystyrene fruit box to hold all the donations if needed.

Already it has provided a talking point (at a socially acceptable distance) in our neighbourhood. Donations of curry and kaffir leaves, Jerusalem artichokes, limes, seedlings and pot plants have been left by neighbours.

Please feel free to contribute to, and make use of, the contents of the cart.


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