Grow Grow Grow – next workshop!

The 2nd of the free 2016 Workshop Series is coming up:

3pm Sunday 1 May 2016 at Unley Community Centre

TOPIC: Getting your soil right and managing pests
Bring soil samples from your garden and examples of your pest problems.

FREE – thanks to a generous City of Unley grant.
Please register to attend this workshop at or on 0401 122

Vegetable and fruit gardeners know that getting the soil right is the key first step in growing food. This workshop will concentrate on

  • types of soils, soil health, fertilizers and their usage
  • compost
  • the role of additives (gypsum, trace elements etc)
  • soils for wicking boxes and beds
  • setting up acid soil pots for blueberries
  • how to do your own soil testing, and
  • pest control – particularly organic pest control

Our presenters – Anne Wilson, Pat Wundersitz, Anne Wharton and Pauline Muir – have between them extensive practical experience in soils, composting and pest control in their own gardens.

You are welcome to bring soil samples (a cupful will do) for testing and advice, and any examples of pest problems. We will help if we can.

If you have any excess produce to share, bring that too!

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