Inspiring small gardens

As Australian housing blocks become smaller, more Australians are seeking information about how to grow a successful food garden in a small space. Two members of the Joslin Sustainable Communities group have generously agreed to share their experiences growing fruit and vegetables in small areas.

The first, David, has a highly productive courtyard vegetable patch.  He regularly attends Essential Edibles Urban Orchard with a large quantity of beautiful produce, from silverbeet to tomatoes, broad beans to broccoli.  You can read an article about his garden and his tips for success at Our Red House blog.

A second Joslin group member, Andrew, has a shady, tree-filled garden garden that precludes a ground level vegetable patch.  His solution?  Andrew grows his vegetables on the roof of his house.

An article Andrew wrote about his roof-top vegetable garden for ReNew, the magazine of the Alternative Technology Association can be read here.

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