Treading Lightly documentary

Treading Lightly

The 8 Feb 2019 screening at the Mercury cinema is SOLD OUT  – so keep an eye out for future opportunities. Meanwhile have a look at and

Do carbon emissions confuse you? Can you reduce your carbon footprint to the global average or the global allowance, and what is the difference?

Adelaide filmmaker Nick Graalman and his partner Jamie Carter decided to find out and set out on a yearlong endeavour to understand a range of issues and how (or even if) they could drastically reduce their own footprint. Treading Lightly documents their personal journey with the help and guidance of local academics and activists including a food biologist, ecologist, building designers, demographer, environmentalist and geographer.

Every decision in their day to day lives is examined, logged and researched. They explore the big 3: home, food and transport. Everything from living with no heating or cooling to electric bikes, food waste composting and retrofitting the home. They tackle trying to carbon offset though a revegetation project, and for American born Jamie, does she visit her family in America? And what to do with the hardly used swimming pool that came with the house. After much research and thinking, a novel solution was found.

Treading Lightly is an honest account of their endeavours and the outcomes. Filmed at home and various locations around Adelaide, Treading Lightly documents the year to October 2018. A year in an hour. It presents practical ways to both understand and take control. It has been a life changing year for Nick and Jamie and they warmly invite you to take a peek into their lives.

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