Unley Groups Affordable Gardening Kits Project

Over the last year there have been several blogs on the Affordable Gardening Kits project being run by members of the Sustainable Communities SA Unley groups. With the project now completed they have put together a how to do it document for any other groups who are interested in doing a similar project in their council area.


Peter Croft from the Unley Group writes:

This document sets out the main steps taken by Sustainable Communities SA – Unley groups in 2012 -2013 to investigate, then implement, a proposal for affordable gardening kits. The key foci of the proposal were:

  • to support steps being taken in the Unley community to grow more food locally
  • to target, particularly, members of the Unley community who had limited capability to grow some of their own food and provide them with the means of doing so
  • to strengthen capacity for resilience in the Unley community based on common interest in growing food.

These goals are set against a background that includes:

You can read the full document here.

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