Using your solar cooker in winter

By Beth Mylius
With about 4 hours of good sun from 10am to 2pm I put my Sun Oven out at 9.30 to start warming up and then put a casserole in at 10am. Every half hour I move it to follow the sun.

At the moment I have quinces and in 4 hours the quinces (using a very small amount of water) are pink and reasonably soft. They are edible at this stage. However the cooking process can continue in one of 3 ways. Keep the casserole to put out the next day for a further 4 hours, or transfer to the microwave for a few minutes to increase the softness or best of all put the casserole in a haybox so that all the warmth is used for a slow cook.

I bought the Sun Oven direct from, however they all come through the Australian distributor in WA

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