Felixstow-Klemzig Community Group

Getting to know others and building new friendships in our neighbourhood with people sharing interests and concerns is particularly valued in our group. We are encouraged in our efforts to address climate change, food security and resource wastage at the local level. We support each other in growing our own fruit and vegetables, sharing our produce and sharing ideas towards living sustainably. As we exchange ideas and valuable advice we gain knowledge and skills.

We are encouraged to take small steps and to do something positive in taking personal responsibility towards tackling the big issues affecting our planet. We recognise that we are not ‘saving the planet’ on our own, but are part of a much larger community of concern.

Activities that our group have organised or participated in include:

  • visits to service industries providing water, sewage treatment, recycling and waste disposal
  • visit to Tindo, a locally based South Australian company, manufacturing and supplying affordable solar panels
  • learning about community solar planning and investment opportunities
  • visiting the Food Forest and other locally inspiring home gardens
  • enjoying shared meals and DVD evenings

We welcome new people in our neighbourhood.

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