Grow Grow Grow Your Own Workshops

The Grow Grow Grow Your Own workshops commenced in 2014 and have continued each year since then, with the support of the City of Unley. These events educate and inspire home gardeners in the Unley area and beyond to grow more of their food at home.

To find out about future workshops, please check our Facebook events.

7/11/2021Raised garden bedsKaren Montgomery
8/08/2021WeedsJenny Deans
27/06/2021Tree canopy and choosing exotic or native treesJeremy Miller
23/05/2021Native food plantsLeanne Williams and Jenny Deans
28/03/2021Growing for gut healthGrace
20/09/2020Wicking beds and vertical gardensKaren Montgomery
9/08/2020Backyard diversityJenny Deans
28/06/2020Cooler, greener, more liveable citiesSophie Thomson
17/05/2020Mediterranean gardensChris Bryant & John Boland
16/02/2020Backyard bounty Jenny Deans
10/11/2019Preparing for a hot, dry summerKate Hubmayer
22/09/2019Maximise your harvestGrace
11/08/2019Everything about fruit treesSteven Hoepfner
30/06/2019Wild vegetable fermentationGrace
19/04/2019Living with treesKat Ryan, City of Unley & Peter Croft
7/04/2019Gardening in small spacesAnne Wilson and Pat Wundersitz
1/02/2019Summer pruningSteven Hoepfner
18/11/2018Preparing your garden for a long hot summerAnne Wilson, Pat Wundersitz, Ashley Campbell
30/09/2018An experimental edible gardenPauline Muir
19/08/2018 Australian native foods & revegetation John Boland, Chris Bryant
08/07/2018 Water saving Melissa Bradley
27/05/2018 Everything starts with your soil Dr Uwe Stroeher
08/04/2018 Urban foraging: local plants & fungi Kate Grigg
18/02/2018 Summer pruning of fruit & nut trees Steven Hoepfner
25/11/2017 Grafting fruit trees Sally Osterstock
12/11/2017 Preserving your excess crop: bottling, drying, pickling, making jamLee Lelliott (Country Women’s Association), Pat Wundersitz
07/10/2017 Pest management & beneficial insects Harry Harrison
20/08/2017 Urban foraging Kate Grigg
08/07/2017 Pruning fruit & nut trees Steven Hoepfner
28/05/2017 Raised garden beds Nolda Beynon, Ashley Campbell, Peter Croft
22/04/2017 Sustainable House, Sustainable Garden John Boland, Chris Bryant
05/03/2017 Growing from seed Pauline Muir, Anne Wilson
29/10/2016 Water-wise gardening Harry Harrison
11/09/2016 Composting, worms and Bokashi bins Alan Shepard, Monica O’Wheel
14/08/2016 Gardening on the balcony and in the courtyard Nolda Beynon, Anne Wharton, Anne Wilson
31/07/2016 Fruit and nut trees: pruning, planting, growing and harvesting Steven Hoepfner
12/06/2016 Designing your garden: the productive garden as an ecosystemNadja Osterstock
01/05/2016 Getting the soil right Anne Wilson, Pat Wundersitz, Anne Wharton, Pauline Muir
06/03/2016 Your summer garden: what worked and what didn’t
26/09/2015 Growing in containers of any kind Anne Wilson, Pat Wundersitz
20/08/2015 Seed germination and minigreens Vivian Curro, Pauline Muir
25/07/2015 Pest control in vegetable gardens Ashley Campbell, Pat Wundersitz, Vince Curro
13/06/2015 Pruning fruit trees #2 Steven Hoepfner
31/05/2015 Pruning fruit trees #1 Steven Hoepfner
16/05/2015 The kitchen garden Andrew Skinner
21/03/2015 Loving your soil Sophie Thomson
22/11/2014 Growing bush foods Steven Hoepfner
11/11/2014 Perennial vegetables Pauline Muir
06/09/2014 Seed-raising #2 Anne Wilson
09/08/2014 Seed-raising #1 Vivian Curro, Pat Wundersitz
05/07/2014 Pruning fruit and nut trees #2 Steven Hoepfner
21/06/2014 Pruning fruit and nut trees #1 Steven Hoepfner
12/04/2014 Gardening at another level: growing in raised garden beds, vertical gardens, pots; wicking bedsAnne Wilson, Vince Curro, Anne Wharton, Ashley Campbell, Dinali Devasagayam
22/02/2014 Organic pest control Anne Wilson
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