One Planet Market Workshops

At each One Planet Market, a free workshop is offered on various topics related to sustainability, growing food at home, local economy and ecology. The list below shows the workshops held since 2013.

17/07/2021Introduction to Adelaide Local Exchange Trading System (LETS)Sarah Hennessy
19/06/2021Growing and preparing indigenous plantsChris Bryant and John Boland
15/05/2021Mindful mendingElizabeth Smee
17/04/2021Tiny home designDavid Trebilcock
20/02/2021Natural plant dyesKylie Willison
16/01/2021Mediterranean gardensChris Bryant and John Boland
19/12/2020Ethical money management Paul Garner
17/10/2020Backyard BirdsJeff Groves, Birds SA
19/09/2020Ethical decluttering Mary Lochert
15/02/2020Lebanese cooking Salma Azzam
16/11/2019Where have all the butterflies gone?Gerry Butler, Butterfly Conservation SA
19/10/2019Garden pests – possums, cabbage moths
21/09/2019Healthy soils and how we can build themMatt Salomon, PhD student, University of Adelaide
17/08/2019Welcoming refugees into our communitiesRed Cross, Community Conversations, Rocio, Vera, Andrea
20/07/2019Extinction Rebellion
15/06/2019Winter pruning of fruit and nut treesAlan Halstead
18/05/2019Water sensitive urban design in your backyardMellissa Bradley
16/03/2019Recycling update from East WasteMegan Bekesi
16/02/2019The Maths and Science of Sustainable HousingProf John Boland
19/01/2019Honey flow bee hives Trevor Greenfield
15/12/2018Rise Up Singers are a community group that uses song and tuneful persuasion to take action against climate changeRise Up Singers Adelaide
17/11/2018Korean Natural Farming using micro-organismsNigel Holden
20/10/2018 Growing mushrooms at homeJess Bamford
15/09/2018Tomatoes – heirloom or hybrid?Pauline Muir
18/08/2018 Don’t throw out citrus peel! Glace peel, citrus cleanser, limoncelloChristine Pyman
21/07/2018Stop going crazyLiana Taylor
16/06/2018 Textile art – repairing and re-making household fabrics and clothingSandra Obst
19/05/2018 Earthballs, stinkhorns and other large fungiPam Catchside, Honorary Research Associate, State Herbarium
21/04/2018Edible native plantsJohn Boland & Chris Bryant
17/03/2018Living comfortably in an energy efficient homeCathryn Hamilton
17/02/2018Happy healthy chickens and ducksChristine Pyman
20/01/2018How to work out if solar panels and battery storage are good for youJohn Boland
16/12/2017 Singing for climate change Rise Up Singing Adelaide
18/11/2017 Mending & repairing clothes by hand or by sewing machine Mary Heath
14/10/2017 Composting Georgia Pollard – Uni SA
16/09/2017 Local fauna – frogs Professor Steve Donnellan – SA Museum
19/08/2017 Local native plants Heather Whiting – Vale Park Our Patch
15/07/2017 Workplace democracy via workers co-operatives Bethany Hunt
17/06/2017 Practical sustainability in the home, cleaning alternatives Pam Marshall
20/05/2017 Mindfulness meditation Liana Taylor
15/04/2017 Felting Kylie Willison
18/03/2017 Making native bee hotels, wild pollinators Jenny Deans
18/02/2017 Back yard bee keeping Trevor Greenfield & Michael
21/01/2017 Pickling, preserving and storing garden produce Claudia Veith-Skinner
17/12/2016 Microwave bottling Sue Croser
19/11/2016 Hot climate plants Pauline Muir
17/09/2016 Food co-ops: advantages and practicalities Ashley Campbell & Annie Gleeson
20/08/2016 Noises in the night – getting to know your local frogs Professor Steve Donnellan – SA Museum
16/07/2016 Making useful items from recycled materials Kylie Willison
18/06/2016 Backyard biodiversity: native bee hotels, lizard lounges and butterfly bars Sam & Ashley Dunn & Amy Feldman
21/05/2016 Winter pruning Steven Hoepfner
16/04/2016 Water, agriculture, biodiversity in the Adelaide Hills with a changing climate Malcolm MacDonnell
19/03/2016 Self-sufficiency- is it possible in a home garden? Tips to get you there Andrew Skinner
20/02/2016 LETS – Local Exchange Trading System Sue and Sarah
16/01/2016 Sprouting seeds benefits and methods Ken Lawson
19/12/2015 Sustainable house and garden Chris Bryant
21/11/2015 BioChar Liam and Bradley
17/10/2015 Substitutes from scratch for common foods Chris Lim
19/09/2015 Backyard biodiversity: native bee hotels, lizard lounges and butterfly bars Sam & Ashley Dunn & Amy Feldman
15/08/2015 Health and climate change, divestment Eleanor Evans
18/07/2015 Wicking beds Bronwyn Parkin
20/06/2015 Growing bush foods Steven Hoepfner
16/05/2015 Deep ecology, coming back to life Debbie Dunn
18/04/2015 Keep place in its place, maps, places and spaces Sue Gilbey
21/03/2015 Fermented foods Devashon Temple
17/01/2015 Perennial vegetables, hot climate and other experiments in the garden Pauline Muir
20/12/2014 Summer pruning Steven Hoepfner
18/10/2014 Food security projects in City of Unley Peter Croft
20/09/2014 Gluten free cookery Phillipa Olsen
16/08/2014 The Orangatan Project Jodie Ellen
19/07/2014 Natural burials Anne Wharton
21/06/2014 Sustainable fisheries Kathryn Warhurst, Conservation Council SA
15/03/2014 Going to seed! Preserving heritage varieties of vegetables ignored by corporate agriculture Andrew Skinner
15/02/2014 Zero Waste Sharon Ede
21/12/2013 Kefir making Nadia McLaren
16/11/2013 Sustainable Christmas gifts Veronique Perrin
21/09/2013 Wallet making Laura Wills
17/08/2013 Worm farms Alan Shepard
20/07/2013 Native bees, making bee blocks and gardening for native bees Katja Hogendoorn
15/06/2013 About LETS – Local Exchange Trading System LETS
18/05/2013 Soap making Ray Mylius
20/04/2013 Saving seeds Seed Savers Network
16/03/2013 Sustainable housing Sue Gilbey and Andrew Tidswell, Urban Ecology
16/02/2013 Backyard frog ponds Deb Saegenschnitter
19/01/2013 Solar driers Ray Mylius
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