Climate Justice Network

The Climate Justice Network (CJN) is comprised of South Australian nonprofit and grassroots organisations that advocate for transformational change around issues at the intersection of social justice and climate change. We recognise that neither the direct nor indirect consequences of climate change are equally distributed; as such, climate justice prioritises the people and groups who are more exposed than others.

As a Network, we are a system player in the activist ecosystem. We bring together organisations and people seeking action to address the climate emergency and its consequences to:

CJN in solidarity with the Youth Climate Coalition Study Strike.

  • Share our knowledge and resources;
  • Build our level of cooperation;
  • Develop our capacity to take action;
  • Increase our numbers;
  • Expand our power to create change for the better.

We want to see policy and action based on science and our shared love for life on earth. We are committed to putting the voices of those most affected by the climate emergency at the centre of all we do. We embrace our diversity and seek common ground rather than sameness. We are also committed to building relationships of dignity and respect.

Our Network gatherings are open to emerging and established groups interested in climate justice.

Contact us at for more information.

Find out more: Website and Instagram.

CJN Gathering on Lobbying as a Tactic with Doctors for the Environment Australia.



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