Oaklands Community Garden

Oaklands Community Garden is a small organic garden comprising of fruit trees and biodiverse garden beds that work in harmony with nature. It is open to the neighbourhood to enjoy.
It provides rest, recreation and pleasure to the local community and, importantly, ensures green space in a suburb that is increasingly losing private gardens to urban intensification. The garden is characterised by an open lawn, mature native trees, bird life, butterflies, an aesthetic garden of fruit trees, flowering plants and raised vegetable garden beds. It is designed to attract butterflies through specific planting and uses energy-efficient and water-saving gardening principles.
New members are encouraged and do not have to be proficient gardeners, as the garden is a place of shared skills and mutual learning. Flowers, vegetables and herbs are regularly shared with the neighbourhood. If you would like to be involved, send us an email: oaklandscommunitygardens@gmail.com

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Oakland community garden with swap and share
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