A great cooperative gardening story

Through the Sustainable Communities Backyard Community Group Gardening project I had a call from Disability SA asking whether there was an opportunity for a client who is a keen gardener to have a gardening opportunity. He would be accompanied by a carer, also interested in gardening. One of the members of our Group is enthusiastic about her garden, but at 80 is not able to dig and do the hard physical work to maintain and develop her garden. Yesterday T (the client) and M (the carer) started gardening with Margaret.

This morning I received this email from Margaret:
‘T is an enthusiastic gardener, (and even wanted to pull out my chives). M the carer also was a very nice friendly person. T loved the dog and she him. Much was achieved, and if it continues I’m sure our Sustainable Communities Group will be having a visit here at the end of this year to see what can be achieved in a small garden.

I realize it’s only in infancy stage but M said “you are a nice lady”, so I’m hopeful it will not just be a few weeks and it’s all over, but a new relationship in gardening, and people.  The exercise goes from 10  to 2 o’clock so there was quite a bit achieved.  Thank you Beth for giving me this opportunity to have a great garden again.’

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