Another year with SCSA

On 1 June 2012 SCSA will hold its Annual General Meeting and as chair of the coordinating group I have the task of writing an annual report. While this may seem simple enough and I certainly can’t complain about the lack of material to report on, the challenge for me is to prepare a report that isn’t a lengthy thesis is but gives a good overview of what SCSA has been up to!  We have been a busy lot and should feel proud of our achievements.  Many of the projects and activities come from the community groups. However the coordinating group is kept busy assisting the groups, providing information, and also organising activities designed for the overall organisation.

This year particularly we are looking for more help on the coordinating group as 4 of the team will not be standing for re election.  Two of these are Beth and Ray Mylius. While they will still be active in SCSA they will not be working on the overall coordination of the organization. As you can imagine their shoes will take a bit of filling!

To manage these changes the new coordinating group will be looking at alternative ways to work and meet while continuing to provide support to all of the community groups.  To help with this we are looking for more helpers, so if any of you has a little spare time and would like to assist in some capacity please contact me for information or a chat, or 0408 810 312.

Cheers Debbie Saegenschnitter

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