Celeste speaks from the heart about Sustainable Communities

Sustainable Communities SA recently held Facilitation Skills Workshops for the facilitators of our Community Groups. The purpose of these was to build the facilitators’ skills in helping the Community Groups to work well in the discussions and activities they are undertaking to reduce their ecological footprint. We would like to thank the Natural Resources Management Board for providing a grant that enabled us to offer the workshops.
‘How are you feeling now’? was the question asked at the end. Celeste responded: ‘What astonishes me is that here we are addressing a really serious issue, and yet everyone is so positive and happy. We are here because mankind is facing the biggest challenge it has ever faced, and yet I haven’t heard a negative word all day. If this is a reflection of the human spirit, it fills me with hope.’

And then she continued in her email to me: ‘At first it was the practicality of doing something that attracted me to Sustainable Communities SA (and still does) but I’m now realising the huge psychological advantage. As isolated individuals we would feel overwhelmed and helpless. But in joining together the human mind is transformed somehow. If that can result in things like symphony orchestras or space telescopes, we have good reason to be optimistic.’

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