Changing behaviour – travelling by bicycle

Kate arrived on her new bicycle at yesterday’s Essential Edibles in Joslin Reserve. So far, she does not have a great deal of experience as a cyclist. She is learning by riding on local low traffic routes and avoiding main roads and other navigational challenges until she has gained the skills and confidence to manage the ride to work. If you are considering returning to or taking up cycling, check the following before you get started:

  • Make sure your bike is roadworthy and set up with the seat and handlebars at the right height. Your local bike shop can help with this
  • Make sure your helmet is comfortable and well-adjusted
  • Practice your riding skills on quiet local streets
  • Build up distances travelled gradually
  • Plan your route before setting out
  • Find a friend to ride with or join a cycling group
  • Have a sturdy basket or rack fitted so that you can carry things – your bike then becomes a useful transport vehicle. Pannier bags are a good investment

Sustainable Communities member Kate with her new bike

Essential Edibles was attended by a small group of enthusiastic swappers and traders – our goods included spinach, basil, chillies, eggplants, lemon balm, mint, rocket seedlings, hollyhocks, apples, plum sauce, aloe and various garden succulents.

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