Local Government elections update

As a follow up to a previous blog, we have received responses from some City of Norwood Payneham St Peters candidates who completed our survey. Its intention is to give residents an idea of these candidates’ ideas on sustainability and environment matters. There is a meeting tonight if you wish to attend: Public forum, 8pm Wednesday 29 October 2014, to hear candidates for St Peters Ward and ask questions at Spicer Uniting Church, 44a Fourth Ave, St Peters.

Our survey asked the following questions:

QUESTION 1: What do you understand by the Council’s objective of ‘Pursuing initiatives that improve our environment and protect our resources’?
QUESTION 2: What environmental initiatives do you plan to pursue if elected to Council?
QUESTION 3: What actions would you like Council to undertake to set an example of good environmental practice in the community?
QUESTION 4:  How can Council inform and educate the community about good environmental behaviour?
QUESTION 5: Payneham Community Centre is used by our group for the monthly One Planet Market. It is currently in need of some renovation. Do you consider these types of facilities a priority for council?

Local Government Candidates – responses to survey Oct 2014

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