Footprints in Tanzania

This is a quick message from Arusha in Tanzania. It would seem a fairly drastic approach to try and reduce one’s footprint by moving to Tanzania for a month (of course one needs to overlook the big footprint air travel has!) but I can confidently say, air travel aside, one’s footprint does reduce considerably. ¬†Electricity and water are both in short supply and so eaked out sparingly, food is basic and generally very fresh. ¬†While the main purpose for my being here is a volunteer to Women in Action Tanzania (WIA) it has shown me that making changes to behaviour, while at first challenging just become part of normal life and barely given a second thought, as I get up in the morning and warm some water for a sponge bath …. no showers here, it actually seems the natural thing to do and playing cards by candlelight is a nice change from watching TV at night.

I have no illusions as to the fact I will fall back into my old ways when back in Adelaide, but I hope the experience has taught me a few things, it has certainly illustrated that reducing a footprint is not always as hard as one thinks … little by little.

Cheers Debbie Saegenschnitter

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