Gifting is Living: The Willunga Community Share

The sharing economy and the gift economy are growing in popularity around the world as alternative ways to trade goods and services. It is exciting to see the Willunga Veggie Swap has a new name, the Willunga Community share, and is embracing both the sharing and gifting economic models.

A number of different sharing and gifting events will be held over the coming year:

Book, DVD & CD Community Share:
Saturday 12 July (this Saturday) 9 – 12noon next to the Green Room in High street in Willunga, to be repeated on the second Saturday of every month. Even if you don’t have any books to contribute, come along and take some off our hands.

010Garden Produce Community Share:
Every Saturday 9 – 12noon next to the Green Room. If you know anyone who has difficulty affording local, chemical free fresh fruit and veggies let us know so we can further share our community surplus.

Clothing Community Share:
Saturday September 6 & Saturday December 6 from 9 – 12 noon, and then the first Saturday of every season.

Neighbourhood Community Share:
Sunday November 2
This is for all the big items that someone else might want such as furniture. You will put them out on your nature strip, then email us what you have put out and where you live and we will compile all the info and circulate it to everyone interested. We have a trailer that can be borrowed for pick ups and we are happy to deliver to those who can’t pick up themselves. Contact us if you would like to help us do this.

Gifting Circle:
Sunday August 3 from 5.30 – 8. 30pm 62 Aldinga Rd Willunga

“I am always amazed at how often, when I express a need to friends, someone has the solution.” – Jeff Simmons

A Gifting Circle is a relaxed and social way of making the most of community resources and supporting each other. The proposed Gifting Circle would include a shared meal followed by a circle where everyone shares a need or desire that might be solved at the community level. People will also share if they have any resources they would like to make available to the community. Informally after the circle, gifts can be made and offers accepted.

Children are welcome, bring food and drink to share and an RSVP is required by July 27.

If you would like to know anymore about these initiatives or would like to be involved in the Gifting Circle email  Jeff Simmons  or Wil Heidt. Also if you can help out in any capacity or have community gifting ideas the Jeff or Wil know.

  • Volunteers: If you are interested in helping out in any of these events, please let us know.
  • Gifting ideas: If you have any community gifting ideas, please let us know
  • Web Site: If you have the interest and skills to help us develop a “Gifting in the Fleurieu” website for these and other events, please contact Jeff or Wil.


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