Go Shampoo Free

Many shampoos, like a lot of cosmetics, contain harmful ingredients and are probably doing you more harm than good. Factor in the cost and impact on the environment and its a wonder we still use them!

The G magazine recently published a great article on shampoo alternatives to keep your scalp and hair clean and healthy. Read article here –5 ways to go shampoo free

For the past half a year I have been washing my hair with bicarbonate soda. I make a paste with a couple of tablespoons bicarb soda and a bit of water. After wetting my hair I rub this in and leave for about 5 mintues and then rinse out. I then rinse my hair out with a weak solution of vinegar and a few drops of tea tree oil . I add the tea tree oil as I am prone to dandruff and this is a great control.

About once a week I precondition my hair with coconut oil. I find this gives it an extra shine. And thats it -no more expensive bottles of complicated chemicals for me!

For a good summary of what is in our “beauty products” see Story of Cosmetics


For other great ideas on environmentally friendly and cheap alternatives to commercial personal hygiene products see Stories of Creative Ecology.

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