How big is your footprint?

We can calculate our ecological footprint in hectares or see how many planets it takes to sustain our lifestyle.

Australians have the fourth highest ecological footprint in the world with an average Australian eco-footprint of 6.4 hectares. The ACF Consumption Atlas indicates that in Norwood Payneham and St Peters it is 7.05 hectares – that is about 4 planets.

Sustainable Communities NPSP has chosen to use the Ecological Footprint Calculator as it gives  a numerical indicator of  personal, household or business impact on the environment. Your personal ecological footprint is made up of a number of things including the energy that goes into producing your food, water and consumer products, as well as electricity to run your home, fuel to provide transport, and the disposal of waste.

Calculate your ecological footprint and see what contributes to it.

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