How do you get to meetings without a car?

Yesterday I went to two Sustainable Community Group meetings. Some of us travelled by car – small, diesel and ordinary. However three people came on two wheels. SA came on her smart small electric motor bike and SM came on her bicycle which has a strong board on the back where she can attach the seat for her four year old son but yesterday she had a big washing basket with her laundry and last week she carried home a compost bin and some pots given her by another member. And A came on his ordinary bike. However he also has a tandem bike to ride with his partner and folding bikes. He and his partner are setting out with the folding bikes for a holiday – train to Port Augusta, small bus to Parachilna and then riding their folding bikes and walking in the Flinders Ranges.

Did you hear that at Lochiel Park the Land Management Corporation are buying 12 bicycles – ordinary and electric for residents to hire for shopping, riding to the O’Bahn or visiting around the Park?  I hope they will be used for getting to meetings.

Get your bicycle out for the Torrens Street Party for Car-Free Day on Sunday 20 September. Have a look at the Events page – it is all there.

old bike

old bike

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