Keep building from 2010 into 2011

On Wednesday evening 14 adults and 5 children in our neighbourhood gathered for Christmas drinks and good neighbourliness. Nine are members of Sustainable Communities. Aaron said that when he mentioned at work that he was going to a neighbour Christmas get together his workmates could’t believe it. They said they hardly know their neighbours. So let’s keep building into 2011. Get to know your neighbours, start a Community Group and work together for a resilient community adapting to the effects of climate change that will keep coming.

By the end of 2010 we have 14 community groups in 7 local government council areas. In early 2011 we have meetings in 3 more local government areas with possibly 5 more Community Groups starting. So keep building. The Community Market starting in February 2011 in Payneham is part of that building process and developing our local resilience.

Best wishes to you all for the Christmas and New Year Season and 2011

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