Map Jam: creating a a world of sharing

mapjamOn the weekend I attended a Map Jam at Sarah’s Sisters Cafe in Semaphore which was part of Shareable’s effort to map sharing initiatives, cooperatives and community resources around the world.

In just a couple of hours about 15 people from around Adelaide identified a wide range of sharing and community support initiatives.

mapstart  —–>   mapfull

It was also a great chance to meet and exchange stories of what is happening around Adelaide such as Fab Lab Adelaide, the first space in Australia to make equipment such as 3D printers and laser cutters available for free to the public;  the waste reduction Salvage and Save program which recycles donated or salvaged goods sells them back to the community; and the Work Injured Resource Centre which among other things works with Oz Harvest to provide support for injured workers. mapjamppl

The information gathered from this event will be added to the Zero Waste SA’s ShareNSave website. You can add any initiatives/activities directly to the website. Keep an eye on the site as there are plans to expand allow people to connect and continue a conversation via the site.

Other ways in which you can connect to other people in Adelaide involved in building the sharing economy is the Sharing Connectors Adelaide Facebook group and the Share Adelaide Facebook page.

sharonmapjamAnd if you would like to hear more about the Sharing Economy come along tomorrow night to the Sustainable Communities Members Night (Thursday 22nd Oct 2014) to hera Map Jam Adelaide organiser, Sharon Ede, speaking about how we can all participate in building community ties and the sharing economy.


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