More verge gardens for Unley

Written by Russ Talbot

I reckon Spring is called Spring coz that’s what things tend to do. The only other appropriate name for it would be “Surprise!” and that would be silly.

In keeping with that, in Unley another four verge gardens sprung up last week, courtesy of our Grow Grow Grow Your Own Group. Two on the corner of Fourth Ave and Everard Tce, Everard Pk, one on Urrbrae Ave, Myrtle Bank, and another to join the outrageous success of the one we installed a few months ago on Dover St, Malvern.

Urrbrae - preparingThe gardens consist of a raised bed frame, set up as a wicking bed, filled with brilliant dirt from SA Composters, and the well-oiled efforts of our group. True, some members might seem to do more than others but it’s important to stand around giving them encouragement, talking to spectators and neighbours, taking photographs and forcing down the morning tea grateful (and excited!) recipients always want to provide. (We all must do our bit…)

4th - installing wickingWe’ve got the process bedded (please excuse the pun) down well now, and combined with military-level logistical pre-planning it all ran like clockwork. Enabling us to finish together, after co-ordinated splintering of the group to do the multiple locations, for a shared lunch (are you seeing a pattern here?). One of the prime aims of the gardens, along with food security, is fostering community. To do something good, have fun doing it, make so many people happy, and get fed too… sometimes life is almost too good.

Morning Tea

Morning Tea

For information about edible verge gardens or free food-growing workshops, email Peter.


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