News of SCSA activities

Coordinating committee activities

The new coordinating committee met for the first time on 16 June. The key items we worked through are:

  • Improving communication between the committee and our members. One outcome is this section on Committee News to be included in every newsletter, as well as news from the community groups based on their quarterly reports.
  • The Yahoo group was discussed. As it seems many members are not using this form of communication its future is uncertain.
  • The National Green Jobs has applied for a stall at the Earth Station Festival and invited  SCSA to share the stall.
    The Earth Station Festival, to be held at the Belair National Park in October, is described as a 3-day gathering of some of the world’s finest scientists, thinkers, musicians, artists and technology innovators to receive transmit and formulate new ideas for a We are delighted with this opportunity to display our approach to achieving a one planet lifestyle. Anyone interested in helping with staffing the stall please contact Beth Mylius/ Debbie Saegenschnitter. Also please send in photos of Community Group activities for our display.
  • SCSA has been invited to join the Plains to Plates network based on our involvement in the Plains to Plates convergence in Feb 2010

This is a brief rundown of what was discussed. If you would like further information please contact the committee chair, Debbie . Please note that Debbie is away during July so if you don’t get a response then please contact Beth or Ray Mylius.

Community Group activities

The diversity and depth of SCSA is demonstrated by the numerous activities our community groups are involved in. Each month we will highlight activities so that you can be aware of what other groups are doing. If you wish to know anything more about an activity please contact the relevant community group. Some group activities undertaken this year include:

  • Blackwood Hills and Felixstow visited Seli Hoo, a communal household, and were impressed by the range of sustainable innovations such as the kitchen sink draining into worm farm, range of water tanks, solar water heater, solar dehydrator and solar cookers
  • Felixstow had a shared meal focussing on local and sustainable food
  • Unley Central visited their council’s Waste Recycling Facility
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