Sustainable Communities in the Adelaide Hills

The Adelaide Hills Sustainable Communities Group had a stall at the Uraidla Show on Saturday. They wrote: “It was a resounding success. The stall looked great, really interesting and eye catching. We had Ecolateral on one side and FoodConnect on the other so we were in good company! The sustainability part of the show is still small and evolving, but it had a steady flow of people through to listen to the speakers who were on all day. Apart from the obvious benefit of great exposure for the group, it was a fantastic social event for us too. The Courier took a photo of us so we might be in the paper this week, I’ll have to buy a copy and have a look! The pin boards drew a lot of interest from passers by. Especially your solar dryer, many impressed people. I hope you like the photos, we were proud of what we did!”

An excellent contribution to spreading the news about reducing our use of the earth’s resources and lowering our ecological footprint. Well done Adelaide Hills Sustainable Communities Group.

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