SA State Election

As they say better late than never! I was having coffee with 2 of my favourite people this morning, Beth and Ray Mylius and made the comment that we (SCSA) should have sent our state pollies a series of questions about issues of concern to the group, Ray then went on to say that Doctors for the Environment had done just that and would I be interested in seeing it.  I suggested we provide it to all members via the website so here it is.

I have not had time to condense the information and maybe it best that I don’t fiddle with another organisations mailout.  To clarify what I have attached, there are 4 documents, 1 is the statement by Doctors for the Environment on their issues of concern for the 2014 election, 2 – is a response collated by them for the candidates that responded, 3 – is the Greens response (received quite promptly), and 3 is the response from the Labour party received late, after the official summary (2) was prepared.  What is notable is there was no official response from the Liberal Party.  I will let you all digest it and come to your own conclusions! and happy voting.

1 -DEA_SA_ Election Statement 01-14

2 – SA Election report 03-14

3 – SA Greens response to DEA State Election 2014 Priorities

4 – Doctors for the Environment Survey Response – Labor

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