Pumpkin harvest

harvest 2013 004 - Copy (2) - Copy

Brighton group members, Cathy and Steve, harvested 50 kilos of pumpkins and trombones in early autumn. This is an impressive result for first time vegetable growers. Amazingly, these were grown in a space of just two square meters, surrounded by concrete, outside their back door. No fertilizer, compost or mulch was used.

Is this just beginner’s luck or do these two know something we don’t? The crop was promptly distributed to  grateful family, friends and neighbours. Welcome to urban farming, sharing the surplus, and delicious, local, organic pumpkin soups!

If you have access to some land and have never tried growing vegies, give it a go. Just throw some seeds from your shop bought vegetables into soil and see what happens. Like Cathy and Steve, you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

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