All you need to know about recycling

The recent Transitions Film Festival featured the entertaining and thought provoking movie The Clean Bin Project, followed by an informative forum on recycling and reducing waste. Inspired by this, Anne Wharton has updated Sustainable Communities SA’s No Such Thing as Rubbish  booklet (also available in a printable version) which explains all you need to know about how to recycle properly in SA.

how to recycle lids

Plastic lids, bread tags, cut up credit cards, plastic freight strapping, and baler twine can be pushed into a milk bottle and go in yellow bin. (If twine is put into rubbish bin, it should be cut into short pieces so it doesn’t entangle wildlife).

See the  Resources section of our website for other fact sheets. For more information see Zero Waste SA, a great site for finding your local recycling centres and more.

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