Clothes swap party

On Saturday 12 November 2011, Sustainable Communities SA sponsored a clothes swap party at the Payneham Community Centre, as a part of National Recycling Week, the only registered event in SA. It was a hoot!  At 2pm, about 25 people, mostly women, arrived with no longer wanted clothes in hand.  After a relaxing cup of tea and homemade slice, sponsored by Balancing Act Adelaide, a new local business, the swap began. Participants were able to select any items of clothing,  jewellery and shoes included, up to the number of items that they had brought along.

While the result was a bit of fun and hopefully a few new items to jazz up the wardrobe, the big win was for the environment. No money changed hands, no resources were used in the aquisition of ‘new’ clothes and the leftovers went to the local Salvation Army Op shop, not to landfill.  Given the positive response to the event we hope to do another swap in about 6 months … so watch this space.

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