Sustainable West’s Hard-to-Recycle Collection

Due to the combined effects of a consumer economy, cheaply made goods and a throw away culture, there is growing concern about the unconstrained waste our society produces and the subsequent social, environmental and economic impacts. Hard to recycle collections are one way to help with waste going to landfills.

Residents in Bowden, Brompton and surrounding suburbs have formed Sustainable West to organise and undertake projects that enable local people to reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable community.

Many of the items that end up in landfill can be reused or recycled. Our focus is to work with our local community to increase recycling, reduce recycling contamination and, where possible, recover resources. Sustainable West’s Hard to Recycle Collection at 19 on Green Community Centre provides a collection point for items that can be reused or recycled but cannot be put in curbside recycling. We currently collect, sort and dispatch the following:

mobile phones
printer cartridges
writing implements
oral care
DVD cases
reading glasses

Any of the above items can be dropped off at 19 on Green during business hours and Sustainable West will ensure they are redirected away from landfill and are instead reused or recycled.

A hart to recycle collection point for items that cannot be put in curbside recycling.

Hard to Recycle collection point

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